Connecting the Media Industry

Based at Shepperton Studios with our engineering base at Brookmans Park Transmission Station, Datasat Media provides a complete range of communication solutions for the media industry and beyond. Whether your needs require solutions in extreme locations or the comfort of a studio, Datasat has the knowledge to support you.


For networking and firewall management to Wifi distribution, Datasat Media provide solutions on any scale.


Whether you’re in the middle of a desert, knee-deep in a forest, or on the edge of a cliff, Datasat will always keep you connected.


From Megabytes to Petabytes, we have the storage solutions to meet your needs.

Live Video

Would it help to see what your unit is filming on the other side of the globe? Connect them with our Live Video Link.


We can provide connectivity almost anywhere on the planet. Call Datasat if you’re in the middle of nowhere and need a little internet.

Network Security

Staying safe and keeping your data secure is a necessity. Keep those malicious individuals away from your content and apply our security layers.

Studio Services

Network & IT Infrastructure Support

The foundation of Datasat Media’s reputation has been built providing networks and IT infrastructure to support the film and TV industry when filming on location. This unique experience, together with our expert knowledge has now launched Datasat into the world of studios, where the infrastructure is static, but the productions require the same flexibility and attention.

On Location

Remote Onsite Network

On location, Internet connectivity is a paramount requirement for all film and TV productions, and Datasat has been at the forefront of providing this service. Whether that’s supplying a connection 2km into a forest, or setting up a network covering 8 kilometres of coastline, in all weather conditions, Datasat has always managed to find a way to keep productions connected.

Network Security

We outpace the threats keeping you safer

The landscape for producers and production teams, all over the world, has changed as the threat of cyber-attack increases. It’s important for today’s organisations to have cybersecurity in place to help protect data assets from digital attacks, that could damage organisations or individuals if placed in the wrong hands. As your content is key it deserves the highest levels of protection needed and at Datasat, the new service is key to how we operate.

Secure Video Link

Instantly view live or pre-recorded footage

Have you a requirement to view video footage whilst in production, when you can’t be on location or in the edit? This secure service allows just that, whether that’s a director on Main Unit watching a Second Unit shot, or needing to view edited footage from an edit suite, Datasat can get it to you securely over encrypted networks, saving the production time and money.

Earth Station

Independent Commuications Provider

As the only independent communications provider, in the production industry, with its own Earth Station, DATASAT Media can provide our customers with a direct connection into the Datasat NOC, with greater control over the bandwidth, performance and security of this VSAT facility.

Datasat Solutions

See a range of our custom devices